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Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is active needling which uses an acupuncture needle to target myofascial trigger points (which are often tender points) in the muscle fibres. Dry needling activates a neuromuscular “twitch” reflex which releases tension almost instantaneously. The technique of ‘feathering’ the needle enhances this mechanism to more effectively release muscle fibres via this activated twitch response. A tingling or twitching effect can be felt during the needling which is often an unfamiliar sensation, but rarely painful.

MedX Expertise

We find dry needling to be one of the single most effective methods of releasing deep tension for our athletes (and non-athletes alike!), which may have failed to respond to other conservative methods or manual therapies. Areas which respond well to dry needling include the traps muscles and the shoulder region, muscles of the neck, lower back muscles, deep calves and quads, IT bands for lateral knee pain, forearms for tennis elbo and everything in between!

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