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Balance & Falls Prevention

Do you feel less stable than you used to? Have you experienced some recent falls? This program is for YOU.

Muscle strength declines as you age, and most rapidly after the age of 65 which can contribute to the risk of falls. A loss of muscle mass in the lower body can create muscle imbalances and weakness, which can result in falls and functional decline (climbing stairs, getting up out of a chair etc). It is recommended that patients build strength through resisted, weight loaded exercises to prevent this decline. At MedX Systems, these weight loaded exercises are performed on the specialised MedX equipment which is engineered to slowly and safely increase muscle strength (2lbs per session). The sessions are supervised by Physical Therapists to ensure safety and correct form, and also support patients on their re-strengthening journey.

For those wanting to maintain confidence, strength and independence, this program is designed for you.

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