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Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine (>10 degrees) which develops due to unknown causes. It has been noted however that an asymmetry of muscle tone and strength either side of the spine exists in the presence of adolescent scoliosis.

Addressing the muscular imbalance early with a targeted scoliosis strengthening program can stabilise or reduce spine curvature by up to 28%* (on comparative imaging).

MedX Rehabilitation Programs are a Safe, Effective, Time-Efficient and Non-Invasive system with proven benefits:
- Correct Muscle Asymmetry Associated with Scoliosis
- Reduce Spine Curvature by up to 28%*
- Improve muscle weakness and atrophy associated with asymmetric curvature
- Improve Symmetry of Muscle Mass and Strength
- Reduce or Eliminate the Need for High-Risk Invasive Surgical Options
- Increase Torso Muscle Strength which has been shown to Reduce the Curvature Associated with Scoliosis
- Suitable for Adolescence 11 – 16 years

​*Based on Scientific Research Conducted over a 4 Month Period where participants demonstrated an average improvement of spinal curvature of 20-28% on a comparison of pre and post Program Imaging (Comparative X-ray Imaging)

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