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Low Level Laser (LLL)

Low level laser (LLL) is completely non-invasive and painless light wave therapy. It acts to relieve pain, reduces swelling, and stimulates collagen production which is essential for healing. How does it do this? Photo-biostimulation.

Photo-biostimulation improves  circulation, reduces inflammation and bio stimulates the body's cells which stimulates the healing process. Low level laser has over 30 years of high-level published evidence-based research including hundreds of randomised clinical trials and studies. This makes low level laser the ideal application for a broad range of both acute and chronic conditions including acute sporting injuries such as ankle sprains, ligament ruptures, and fractures.  

MedX Expertise

Knee injuries such as meniscus tears and ligament tears can also benefit by
including LLL in the rehabilitation plan.  Improved healing times on overuse
injuries such as tennis elbow and shin splints, and reduction of the inflammation
associated with bursitis (both in the shoulder and also the hip). Used in
conjunction with other manual therapy approaches, it has minimal
contraindications, minimal side effects and little down time, making it a great
option to speed recovery and get patients back on their feet sooner.

MedX Sytems Treatment
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