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Manual Therapy

We support our patients rehabilitation with all forms of Osteopathic manual therapy, including deep tissue release, myofascial trigger points, soft tissue mobilisation, muscle energy techniques (MET), stretching and manipulation. Some or all of these techniques can be combined with other applications for the best results for our patients.

Specifically, manipulation or High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) manipulation which patients often refer to as ‘cracking’ or ‘clicking’ is a fast and painless technique which adjusts a joint to instantly correct the position. This can provide immediate relief at the joint and also surrounding muscles by optimising the nerve supply and relaxing muscles which attach to that joint.

MedX Expertise

Common presentations such as neck pain and headaches can benefit from deep tissue release combined with dry needling and manipulation for instant relief and optimal lasting results. Our patients love these synergistic benefits, which single applications may not be able to provide in isolation. Other presentations which benefit from this approach, include lower back pain, ergonomic over- use injuries, chronic sporting injuries, stress related pain and tension, and injury prevention for professional athletes and sportspersons.

MedX Sytems Treatment
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