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Myofascial Cupping

Modern myofascial cupping is a painless cupping method, used to decompress and release fascia (connective tissue) which has become adhered (stuck together) and not allowing free flow of movement. The cups are placed on the skin surface with gentle negative pressure (vacuum) to the underlying fascia which is affected by gliding the cups while maintaining the pressure. The cupping can be very effective for generalised lower back tension, athletes with tight calves and hamstrings or runners with IT band tension.

MedX Expertise

The cups are particularly beneficial for our patients with scar tissue resulting from injury or post-surgical incisions when the acute healing phase is resolved. Gliding the cups over the scar tissue can untether some of the fibrous scarring and allow more free movement. Eg scar tissue due to a chronic hamstring tear can experience improved range of motion post myofascial cupping.

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