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Sports Taping and Bracing

The effective use of both rigid and sports (kinesio) taping are an important part of acute injury management. We include deloading tape regimes for injuries such as hamstring tears, rotator cuff injuries, acute lower back spasms, knee pain and rib strains. This assists to both support and off- load the effected area until the acute stage has resolved. The rigid taping applications are reserved for injuries involving ligaments, such as acute ankle sprains and collateral ligament injuries of the knee and elbow to support and limit the painful range. Our patients also benefit from the regular prescription of corrective bracing which is included as an adjunct to exercises and regular physical therapy.

MedX Expertise

Technical bracing is prescribed for injuries such as acute and chronic knee injuries, tennis elbow, lower back and chronic postural weakness. Our prescribed postural supports are supplied by our partners PostureFit ( which can also be fitted by friendly reception staff and do not require an appointment with our Osteopaths. Bracing and taping can provide positive bio-feedback to restore function and correct muscle engagement eg postural bracing, as well as enhance proprioception (positional awareness) which effects balance and stability eg ankle bracing. Compression sleeves and socks are also often prescribed as part of our rehabilitation protocols.

MedX Sytems Treatment
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