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Balance & Falls Prevention

Balance & Falls Prevention

For those wanting to maintain confidence, strength and independence, this program is designed for you.



Correct muscle asymmetry associated with scoliosis, improve muscle weakness and atrophy associated with asymmetric curvature.

Over 55's and Beyond

Over 55's and Beyond

Reverse age-related muscle loss and restore significant strength for life.



Increase bone density, reduce or eliminate pain and restore stability.



Promote increased bone density and structure Gain strength and stability around spine and joints.

Lower Back Pain & Disc Bulges/Herniations

Lower Back Pain & Disc Bulges/Herniations

Benefits from this program will result in pain reduction or elimination, injury prevention and improved function.

Your Initial Session: What to Expect (Approx 30min)

Your Initial Session is an Introductory Session and involves a thorough History Taking and a discussion around your injury/injuries, medical conditions, currently level of activity, goals, medications, limitations etc.  This session also involves a brief introduction to the MedX Equipment and our friendly team who will be taking you through your exercise sessions.  Please bring any/all relevant Doctor referrals, Imaging Reports and any other information which may be relevant to your rehabilitation. Your therapist will prescribe a management plan which is created to support the individual patient needs (usually 8 weeks of twice weekly sessions) to expedite the recovery process and return to activity as soon as possible.

The initial session is a one on one consultation with a Supervising Physical Therapist which is comprehensive and will require 30min.

Subsequent Sessions: What to Expect (Approx 30min)

All subsequent exercise rehabilitation sessions are conducted by Physical Therapist, and can take the form of a one on one session for patients requiring high supervision, or a small group setting (maximum of 4) for  more advanced patients.   Patients are re-assessed at the conculsion of their management plan, and a recommendation is made regarding ongoing management, rehabilitation and injury prevention. 

We support our patients participation in other sports and activities, however we do recommend twice-weekly MedX sessions for optimum results and recovery, or once-weekly for ongoing maintenance. 

MedX Programs

The MedX Programs are supported by over 75 peer-reviewed and published medical journal articles, as evidence of their effectiveness. Providing measurably decreased chronic spine-related pain issues, restoring spinal function, reducing or eliminating the need for ongoing care, and improved quality of life.

Our twice weekly supervised Programs (30min sessions) will develop strong lean muscle, improve mobility, increase stability, boost metabolic rate and prevent injury. A thorough assessment is conducted at the commencement and conclusion of each program, providing you with measurable evidence of your progress.  These Programs provide the most safe, effective, non-invasive and time efficient strengthening programs available.

Exercise Rehab

Research-based exercise rehabilitation is essential for patients to ensure complete recovery from acute sporting injuries and chronic conditions.   We support our patients with research-based exercise rehabilitation , featuring the medically proven, MedX Equipment.   Your rehabilitation plan may also include exercises involving therabands, swiss balls, free weights, resistance bands and foam rollers, depending on your individual needs.   All Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are supervised by Physical Therapists in either a 1:1 rehabilitation setting or a small group (maximum of 4), depending on patient requirements.

Couldn’t recommend Tracey more for her Osteo treatment and rehab protocols. Helping me rehab/ maintain my shoulder so I can continue training and compete, along with keeping my body at optimal so I can perform at my best always as an athlete.

MedX Patient 

Our MedX Equipment

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MedX Equipment has been developed in the US and perfected over a period of 30 years. The MedX technology is the Gold Standard in Scientifically Proven Medical/Exercise Rehabilitation Equipment, and Spine Function Testing.

The MedX patented compound weight stack enables very precise increments of weight increase (2 pounds) ideal for rehabilitation. A four-bar linkage system' applies a variable load, following the strength/resistance curve which is optimal for increasing strength through the full range of motion. The restraint features isolate targeted muscle groups, making it the most biomechanically advanced medical/rehabilitation equipment available.

Medically Proven

The Medx Equipment is clinically proven to ensure safe, effective and time efficient rehabilitation whilst building strength, reducing fat and improving mobility. Our programs will also provide effective treatment for chronic and sub-acute back and neck pain, plus reduce the need for costly spinal surgeries and on-going care.

The Medx Medical exercise machines will reduce the requirements for invasive spinal surgeries and promote musculoskeletal rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance.

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